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Wanna sell a PC? Think low-cost

roundup Price tags and portability are keeping market growth in double digits. Also: What $149 can buy you.

Portability has allure, too, but it's the price tag that really catches people's eyes.

PC sales expected to slow in 2006

Growth in 2006 worldwide PC market will drop from the 15.8 percent rate seen in 2005, according to new data.
December 20, 2005

The early bird gets the $149 Toshiba laptop

Waiting in line outside a store for a special deal might be a hassle, but it can save you hundreds on a computer.
December 19, 2005

PC or people--who's the boss?

newsmaker Newly hired Microsoft researcher Bill Buxton sees big changes coming in how you and your computer interact.
December 20, 2005

Year in review: The PC chugs on

Fading of the PC is predicted often, but low prices and emerging nations helped this year's sales beat expectations.
December 19, 2005

Start-up merges cell phone and PC into a handheld

Almost everyone has a cell phone and a notebook, but cPC says they will sell one box that does it all.
December 16, 2005

Some PowerBook customers unhappy with new screen

Debate rages on Apple's online forums about whether the Mac maker should replace the displays, which show horizontal lines.
December 16, 2005

Is Commodore poised for a comeback?

Consumer media company that acquired name of venerable PC brand is set to unleash a new wave of products.
Photos: A look back at Commodore
December 16, 2005

Quanta to build the $100 laptop

World's largest laptop manufacturer will make the low-cost box championed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
December 13, 2005

Intel to kick off new year with Yonah and Viiv

Bets that dual-core notebook chip Yonah and home entertainment Viiv PCs will make 2006 brighter than recent years.
December 13, 2005

$299 PCs and other holiday bargains

While Santa's elves are toiling away at the North Pole, electronics merchants in the U.S. are whacking prices on select items.
December 12, 2005