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Wanna come back to my place to see my Apple store?

A man decides the best way to express his enthusiasm for Apple is to turn his home office into an Apple store.

Just so very homey, no? David Wu (with permission)

David Wu looks ridicule in the face and says: "Come on, ridicule, you lily-livered lout. Show me what you got."

You see, his enthusiasm for Apple products is such that he displays it with all the gusto of a potentate who builds a temple to his own personal god inside his mansion.

I am grateful to Razorian Fly for indicating that Wu exists and to Wu himself for allowing me to use his photographs, which he has posted on his blog.

Oh, I can't put off the reveal any longer. Wu has constructed an Apple store in his home office.

I know, I know. He is, at least aware of what you might think, for his blog post begins: "Call me mad. Call me crazy."

May I pause for all fans of Android to pitch out of the wind-up?

Call him crazy. Go on. He can take it. David Wu (with permission)

Wu claims he is not a designer. Indeed, his official explanation of himself is "disruptive innovator," and "technologist."

He explains that he woke up three months ago and decided to disrupt his home office with technology.

There's an Apple pillar that looks for all the world like something that could be on the altar of the Church of the Latter Day Applists.

There's a maple wood desk -- Fetzer, of course -- with the same interlocking pattern with which devotees have become familiar. And, yes, of course there's a product cabinet.

What did you think Wu was? Faint of heart?

"Every last detail was important to a crazy person like me," he says on his blog. Oh, so you CAN call him crazy. For he did, indeed, even install glass panels that give the whole place an even greater Apple feel.

I do have one concern about this whole project. It is not that Wu might be mentally unstable, nor that he might be extremely mentally unstable.

It is that Apple, given how its muscles have grown beyond the general definition of "guns", might just sue him.

Do you have words? David Wu (with permission)