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Walmart spills details on new Sonic game for Nintendo Switch

The retailer's website lists the Team Sonic Racing game, which Sega hasn't announced yet.


Walmart has images of a new Sonic racing game. 

Screenshot by CNET

A new Sonic racing game could be coming to the Nintendo Switch game console.

Walmart's website includes on Wednesday a page for Team Sonic Racing, with still images of game play and the cover of the box featuring Sonic the Hedgehog behind the wheel of a blue race car. Team Sonic Racing is priced at $39.96, according to Walmart's page. The game is listed as out of stock with a December 31, 2018, release, though that could simply be a placeholder date.

The retailer's page says the game will feature 15 playable characters from across the Sonic universe and will offer both online multiplayer and local modes.

Sega hasn't announced the game yet.

Sega couldn't immediately be reached for comment, and Walmart didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.