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Walmart launches new line of gaming PCs

Designed for specifically for gamers, new machines will be sold only through


The Overpowered line of PCs will be sold only through


Walmart is getting into the gaming PC business.

The retail giant said Monday it's partnered with Esports Arena on a lineup of three laptops and three desktop towers designed specifically for gamers. Called Overpowered, the new line of PCs will be sold only on

And they look like they could hold their own in game play. They sport Intel Core i7 CPUs, 32 gigabytes of memory working with high-capacity HDDs and SSDs, and up to 1080Ti Nvidia GeForce GTX graphic cards. All are also ready for virtual reality.

The PCs, which are available for preorder at, start in price at $999 for the lowest cost laptop, while its desktop counterpart costs $1,399.