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Wall Street Journal seeks affiliates

In an effort to boost readership and revenues, the newspaper's Net edition launches an affiliate program similar to that of

In an effort to increase both readership and revenues, the Wall Street Journal today launched an affiliate program in which Web sites get money for bringing in subscriptions.

Reminiscent of's model, the affiliate program offers its content to sites. Content available ranges from banner ads to breaking headlines and stock data.

Users viewing the content are then encouraged to click through to the Journal's site to sign up for a free two-week trial of the service. The affiliate gets $5 for every trial that results in a subscription of at least 60 days.

The Journal, one of the few news sites that has been successful in charging subscription fees, has been making more efforts to attract new users. While many newspapers have been slow to adapt to the Net and its differing demands, the Journal--along with others such as fellow newspaper heavyweight the New York Times--have been fiercely competitive on the Net, trying out new tricks available online including email news services and innovative advertisements.

With 200,000 paying subscribers as of April, the Journal still seeks more readers and revenue to thrive online.

Charter affiliates include United National Bank, US West Dex Incorporated, New Jersey Entrepreneurial Network, and the Pocono Record Online, according to the paper.