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Wall Street Journal a haven for hard-core gamers. Who knew?

The WSJ apparently appeals to hard-core gamers.

Yesterday I opened my Wall Street Journal and was struck by the advertisement staring back at me from the front page. Roughly two years ago the Journal started inserting one ad per day on its front page, talking it up as a prime advertising vehicle:

"The Wall Street Journal will provide the most valuable opportunity anywhere in any medium for advertisers who want to reach a large, affluent and influential audience," [said] L. Gordon Crovitz, the publisher of The Journal and executive vice president of Dow Jones & Company.

So who is this "large, affluent, and influential audience"? Gamers, as the inclusion of the $75,000 to $100,000+ advertisement suggests:

Wall Street Journal

Who knew that Journal readers were interested in "a truly phenomenal visual gaming experience" that is "built for overclocking" and "built for battle"? Intel isn't a dumb company, nor is it profligate in its spending. It must know something that I don't.

I just wouldn't have expected Wall Streeters to be such gaming freaks.