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Walking on walls in Paris

An artist is helping people scale buildings like Spider-Man just by laying down.

You don't need a web to walk on walls. Art for the World Expo

Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich is a master of deception.

His creation, a mirrored building facade called Bâtiment (Building), gives visitors to the Le 104 gallery in Paris an experience that may be about as close to the skyscraping antics of Spider-Man as any of them will ever get.

Fortunately, no spider bites are required to participate in the spectacle. A tilted mirror gives the perception that onlookers on the ground are hanging off the building. From certain angles, it's nearly impossible to tell the illusion is false.

The experience is part of the In_Perceptions exhibition, which is on display through March.

Be sure to check out some of Elrich's other mind-bending mosaics at his official Web site.

(Via Colossal)