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'Walking' fish caught on video puzzles scientists

Footage of a strange-looking fish that looks like it can walk on the ocean floor has left researchers with some unanswered questions.

A diver plunged into the water off the coast of Bali in Indonesia, spotted a strange critter out for a nighttime stroll on the sea floor and captured a video that's left scientists scratching their heads. National Geographic posted the fascinating video to YouTube on Monday.  

The footage shows an orange-hued fish with two small, arm-like protuberances that make it appear to be a walking fish. Don't worry. It won't be crawling out of the water anytime soon. Those spiny "legs" near the front of its body are actually hunting aids used to locate prey.  

According to National Geographic, researchers agree the fish is most likely a venomous stingfish from the Minous genus of stonefishes. The mystery lies in exactly what kind of stingfish it is. There are 12 recognized species in the Minous genus and many of them look alike. 

Possible identifications include a striped stingfish, a painted stinger, a whitetail goblinfish or even a previously unidentified species. 

National Geographic notes the video probably won't settle any debate as to the fish's species. Scientists would need to get a closer look at the specimen to make a determination. In the meantime, the footage gives a rare peek into the stingfish's unusal mode of locomotion.

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