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'Walking Dead' deaths send social media into mourning

Oh nooooo! Negan killed (BLEEP)! and also (BLEEP)! Twitter is (BLEEPING) freaking out over the season 7 premiere!

You picked a fine time to grieve me, Lucille.


Warning: "Walking Dead" spoilers ahead.

If you're still trying to avoid spoilers for Sunday night's "Walking Dead" bloodbath, don't read this article and stay off social media. Better yet, get off the internet entirely.

The blood hadn't even dried on Lucille, Negan's barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat, before viewers of the AMC zombie hit were tweeting and Facebooking and meme-ing out their reactions to the horrific deaths on the season 7 premiere. (We're not going to say their names, but the tweets below reveal them, so leave now if you're trying not to know.)

To no surprise, some of the best tweets came from a parody account "belonging" to "Walking Dead" leader Rick, the @RickAndThangs Twitter account. Well played, Sheriff.

Other tweeters got in on the social media mourning too.

At least the show felt bad, and tried to offer up a little apology, but you know what, "Walking Dead"? Sometimes, cute puppy and kitten GIFs aren't enough.