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Walk away and froth

The Bonjour Turbo Whisk combines a whisk and a frother in one battery-operated unit. The handheld device can be used in any room in the house.

Time for coffee.
Time for coffee. Williams-Sonoma

Freedom in the kitchen can take many forms. Sometimes it is a matter of acquiring the proper ingredients that allow us to express our intentions. Other times, it is a matter of having the right tool for the job; having the right equipment certainly helps--and is necessary in--many food preparations. But sometimes, having freedom in the kitchen simply means being able to walk away.

The Bonjour Turbo Whisk is a battery-operated contrivance that allows for simple prepping to be done in any room of the house. (Or outside of the house, for that matter.) While the ability to perform the repetitive task of whisking away from the kitchen countertop certainly holds some appeal, the real draw for this handheld appliance is found in an attachment.

Like an electric drill, which this kitchen gadget certainly resembles, utility is achieved via interchangeable parts; here, a frother attachment provides a convenient way to expand the versatility of this one simple device. Coffee drinks on the patio take on a new dimension with the cordless frother in tow. Add a thermal carafe and a heated jug of milk and the morning coffee might just last a little longer than planned. Whether or not one is free to spend all day sipping coffee on the patio, however, is another story entirely.