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Walk all over this mat

Standing around can be so tedious, so mix things up a little and do your feet a favor. Pamper them by placing them on this delightful comfort mat. You may be doing the dishes, but your feet can be having a party.

A woman in high heels standing on a WellnessMat.
Your feet won't fail you now. WellnessMats

Recently, my husband caught me attempting to wash the dishes, a task that is generally recognized as his. "Do I try to write articles?" he asked me, and when I replied that he did not, he shooed me away from the sink. If he hadn't invested 15 years in washing our dishes, I might suspect that he just wanted to stand on the WellnessMat that has recently taken up residence in our kitchen. This mat, new to the market and backed by a seven-year warranty, provides amazing comfort for your feet. No joke: every guest who has stood on it in my house is astounded at its thickness and how good it feels under your feet.

The mat has a nonslip top and bottom, so it stays put wherever you set it down, and you won't slip around on top of it. The beveled edge means you won't trip over it, even if you are as clumsy as I, and it wipes clean easily. (I mentioned that I'm clumsy, right?)

Match your mat to your kitchen decor: it comes in black, gray, tan, brown, and burgundy. Comfort and style have a price, however, and in this case it's $120 for a 3-foot-by-2-foot mat. Larger sizes are available as well.