Wake up, we've got some PlayStation news

Since the releases of the next-generation game consoles are many months away, there's not much for those of us interested in the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Revolution to do but speculate and bandy about reporting from informed inside sources.

Thus, this space is happy to report that PSM Magazine has an article in its September issue in which it writes that Sony plans to upgrade the PS3 hardware even beyond the super-machine it showed off at E3 in May. The article says the PS3 will get even more system memory than it originally said.

In addition, the magazine said that Sony plans to adopt memory stick duos rather than standard memory cards for the PS3.

PSM admits that Sony didn't confirm these juicy morsels of news, but it does say the info comes from "development sources" with the inside scoop.

Meanwhile, SPONG reports that its own anonymous sources have uncovered info showing that in a bid to undercut the lavish amount of attention sure to be given the Xbox 360 upon its holiday season release, Sony (which won't have the much-anticipated PS3 ready until sometime early next year) plans to slash the price of the PlayStation 2 to about $100 around the same time.

Which is all to say that in the absence of real news about the forthcoming consoles, we'll take just about anything we can get in the interim.

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