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Wake up to grilling reality on the go

The Portable Grill And Griddle stacks portability onto stacked burgers. Cook bacon, burgers and more with the propane-powered cooker.

The Portable Grill And Griddle brings home the bacon -- to the great outdoors.
The Portable Grill And Griddle brings home the bacon -- to the great outdoors. Hammacher Schlemmer

Most of you are probably dreaming right now. Of grilling season, that is. But dreams, as we all know, can become twisted and convoluted. At once we may be dreaming of grilling and griddling. Yet it all makes sense in the end. Which of course it should; after all how else can we have a grilled burger topped with sautéed mushrooms and onions?

The two cooking worlds of grilling and griddling may collide in our sleep, but then we wake up and find ourselves in the real world, stuck without a griddle for our grills. Don't go back into hibernation; the dream can be a reality.

The Portable Grill and Griddle ($299.95) offers a tangible path to achieving your burger-with-sauteed-veggie dreams. More than just a grill for grilling season, the propane-powered cooktop offers portability to bring the party anywhere. Perfect for get-togethers in the woods or outside the stadium, the camping and tailgating cooking appliance lets you bring the home into the great outdoors. From the backyard to the great beyond, the lidded grill features adjustable legs and two independently controlled cooking surfaces, allowing for versatility and adaptation in any environment.

While the mystery of bringing dreams to reality (with a side of bacon) has now been solved, we'll all have to sleep in a little longer -- the grill won't ship until the end of March.