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Waiting for the Nokia E series

Waiting for the Nokia E series

It's been almost six months since Nokia first unveiled its new line of smart phones, the Nokia E series, and we haven't heard a peep about them since--until now. Last week, MobileWhack reported that the FCC approved the BlackBerry-esque, Moto Q-killing Nokia E61, clearing the way for entry into the U.S. market. So when will it hit U.S. shores? Not for a few months, at least. We spoke to a rep at Nokia yesterday, and she confirmed that the smart phone will be available in Europe within the next two months or so, but there's no specific timing yet for a U.S. launch. In fact, she said she wouldn't even know for a couple of months. Sigh...fine. We'll wait, I guess. But with this and the Motorola Q, these devices better be more than hype; they better be good.

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