Waiting for that Microsoft patch to arrive?

Tech Culture

You're not alone.

Folks at the Internet Storm Center have received a couple of reports that users' automatic updates from Microsoft aren't delivering the security patch that was issued Tuesday.

As a result, these users have to manually install the patches and push them out to their constituency, which tends to be on the larger scale.

The problem has cropped up with companies that use Microsoft's update server that is typically installed on their own networks, said Johannes Ullrich, chief research officer for the Internet Storm Center. He added companies that have to push a patch out to a large number of computers tend to use Microsoft's automated system and, as a result, makes it a problem for the bigger guys.

While this problem is not all that uncommon, given some of Microsoft's update servers are faster than others, it nonetheless leaves IT folks a little busier than they want to be.

Guess watching the Disney's digital 3D movie "Chicken Little" will have to wait.

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