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Waiting for Office Mobile 2007

Microsoft said it would available in Q3.

Crave Asia

We first reported on Office Mobile 2007 in June, the same time Microsoft announced the Japanese version of Windows Mobile 6 (WM6). The company revealed then that this new version of Office Mobile will be available in Q3 2007--but looking at today's date, it has not happened.

Last week, a pre-release version was mistakenly put up for download from the Microsoft site. This has since been taken down. The reason cited was that the file was meant for internal testing and not for public consumption. The upgrade is widely reported as being Office Mobile 6.1, but Microsoft has informed us that it should rightly be referred to by its originally announced name, Office Mobile 2007.

Some of the key points about this upgrade are:

  • It is for devices that already have a version of Office Mobile installed
  • Support for Office 2007 documents will be added
  • It is compatible with all WM6 versions and WM 5.0 Pocket PC edition only
  • WM6 Standard devices without touchscreens will get editing capabilities--it is currently read-only
  • Some WM6 devices shipped already come with Office Mobile 2007

The software giant has not confirmed exactly when this upgrade will be available, though the official word is it will be "soon". We'll bring you more information about that when it happens.

(Source: Crave Asia)