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Wait...was Jack drunk-dialing on a KRZR?

'Lost' secrets revealed.

Jack does some drunk-dialing ABC/

I was tempted to post this yesterday morning, but opted to wait a day because I thought I'd be attacked by the "But I haven't seen the Lost finale yet and now you've spoiled it!" crowd if I did. Anyway, just for safety's sake, IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LOST SEASON FINALE AND DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS, DO NOT READ THIS POST.

Anyhoo. Those of us who did watch the Lost season finale know that in a super shocking twist at the end, it was revealed that the episode's flashbacks were actually "flash-forwards" into a future in which at least some of the main characters are back in the "real" world. The main storyline of Lost is set in 2004, since only a few months have gone by in TV-show-time since Flight 815 smacked into that weird island. Presumably, the audience wasn't supposed to have figured out the "oh hey, it's the future" revelation until the last scene of the episode.

Except for gadget geeks. We all knew it early on. That's because we all seem to have picked up on the same thing: In several scenes, Jack (played by Matthew Fox) spent some time dialing and talking on a Motorola KRZR cell phone. The placement of the phone was about obvious as it gets. The KRZR was blatantly not around in 2004, and considering Lost's attention to detail, they wouldn't have stuck one of 2006's trendy cell phone models into a flashback set in 2004. The show even took the trouble to create that iPhone-like satellite device; there are clearly some gadget blog readers on their team.

To anyone else who picked up on the anachronistic KRZR: High-five. Score one for us geeks.