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Wait, it's not called the iPhone 5, it's just 'the new iPhone'?

An image published on a Dutch site purports to reveal that the new iPhone will be called just that. Oh, really?

Here's how the shot appears on the Dutch blog. iphonenieuwsblog.nl Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Please keep breathing.

Yes, it's late, but there will be doctors on call shortly.

For here is an iPhone 5 rumor that is so pulsatingly titillating that it might affect your ability to intake victuals.

The Dutch blog iphonenieuwsblog.nl has published a picture of what may (or may not) be printing for iPhone 5 packaging.

Please don your oxygen mask at this moment.

The packaging shows a picture of a very iPhone-looking iPhone 5. However, it's not called the iPhone 5. It's merely called "the new iPhone."

I am grateful to TechCrunch for coming across this momentous image and tossing it into the wider firmament.

Some might recall that when the iPad 3 launched, it wasn't called the iPad 3. It was merely given the moniker "the new iPad."

What a lovely tease it would be if the iPhone 5 veered along a similar road less traveled and was called "the new iPhone."

This tease would have been made ever more lovelier by the fact that the invitations to the new iPhone's launch presentation clearly showed the number 5 in shadow. (See below.)

I have often admired Apple's Department of Disinformation -- known internally as the Department of Information.

I feel sure that this image -- with its posed, yet documentary casualness -- is yet another Department of Information hoax. Unless it isn't, of course. Unless it's the Dutch blog's hoax. Unless it isn't that, either.

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