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Welcome to 'Wait a Minute': Your 60-second take on tech

The biggest tech ideas, crammed into 60 seconds of hot takes? CNET's Claire Reilly has the #videocontent you're here for.

Ian Knighton/CNET

Can humans really survive on Mars?

Can you really buy someone's entire digital identity on the dark web?

Do you really need that app/gadget/internet-connected dog?

The biggest questions in the tech world are deep and perplexing, but some of them are also stupidly simple. So, what happens when you get out of the BS and try to boil these big ideas down to 60 seconds?

Wait a Minute is a new video series headed up by known CNET privacy nark, tech nerd and country music fan, Claire Reilly. She's here to do the hard work for you, breaking down the future of tech (and its biggest fads) and to give you some hot takes on cool shit that'll make you look good in conversations at parties.

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Yes, you can live online and still care about your privacy.

No, you shouldn't become an Instagram fitspo influencer.

Yes, your next surgeon/teacher/best friend could be a robot.

No, you should not buy a subscription-access, app-driven fruit juicer.  

Beyond the Silicon Valley spin and Really Valid Opinions of overpaid, matcha-drinking futurists, how is tech actually going to shape your life in the next five, 10, 20 years? And is the hype real? Wait a minute, is Claire Reilly even qualified to dispense these hot takes?

The hype is real. Stop the questions, and start the clock. 

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