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Waffles at home or on the go

Waffles are not a type of food to ignore. First, they are delicious. Second, they are sticky.

Neat and tidy waffles can be a reality.
Neat and tidy waffles can be a reality. Hamilton Beach

Deliciousness may have its consequences, but that doesn't mean there aren't any workarounds. For waffle deliciousness in particular, the answer was to put them in stick form. With waffles converted into a shape that could conveniently be dipped, waffles could suddenly be easily enjoyed on the go. The masses rejoiced. However, all was not well in waffle-land.

Waffle sticks may commonplace in the wild, but at home they are rare to be seen. Enter the Hamilton Beach 26041 Mess Free Belgian Waffle Maker. Featuring a deep grid design that encourages waffle stick stability the countertop appliance bakes waffles that can be enjoyed whole or broken apart into eight separate sticks. Indicator lights help to keep things moving while an adjustable doneness dial keeps things under control -- even if too much batter gets poured in.

To keep things neat and tidy, the waffle maker includes a premeasured batter cup, which means never having to guess how much to pour in. Of course, waffles being as delicious as they are, sooner or later someone will add more than necessary, but the deep overflow channel will catch the excess batter. And unlike the syrupy end results themselves, the cooking plates are nonstick for easy cleanup.