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Waffle with ease

With the Nordic Ware Waffle Pancake Pan, waffles are as easy to make as pancakes.

The Waffle Pancake Pan Williams-Sonoma

While pancakes are pretty par for the course in my house, homemade waffles are a special treat. After all, I can just pour a cup of batter into my skillet and produce pancakes. Waffles take a little more effort (and a waffle iron). Nordic Ware has a way to simplify the process--and make waffles a more routine occurrence. The Nordic Ware Waffle Pancake Pan makes waffles just as easy as pancakes. It's a cast-aluminum griddle that you can just pour your batter onto. It has seven spaces for small waffles: you will need to flip your waffles as you would flip pancakes, but from there, it's straight to the table. The Waffle Pancake Pan has a nonstick finish that makes removing all those individual waffle pockets for the pan simple.

The Waffle Pancake Pan from Nordic Ware is 10.5 inches in diameter. While you won't be making big waffles, you can make quite a few of them very quickly. You'll probably want to use a pair of tongs with the griddle, to make flipping your waffles easier--tongs with silicone grips will work best with this nonstick pan. The Waffle Pancake Pan is priced at $39.95.