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Waffle cones for your ice cream

You can have fresh waffle cones in the comfort of your own home with the Smart Planet Waffle Cone Maker.

The Smart Planet Waffle Cone Maker

There's just something about fresh waffle cones that are still warm when you scoop ice cream into them. You have to eat the whole thing fast enough that your ice cream doesn't melt, but not so fast that you get a brain freeze. With the Smart Planet Waffle Cone Maker, you can have the pleasure of a fresh waffle cone at home. You can turn out thin waffles perfect for rolling into a cone any time you want. The Smart Planet Waffle Cone Maker comes with a cone-form that allows you to create cones just as professional as those down at the local ice cream spot. Of course, you've always got the option of skipping the rolling process and just cranking out a couple of ice cream sandwiches on your waffles. It'll taste just as good. The waffle cone maker can also be used to make pizzelles, bowls for fruit cups and just about anything else you want to trying making out of waffles. The Smart Planet Waffle Cone Maker can bake one waffle cone in two minutes. It's nonstick, making cleanup easier. It also has a locking handle, which makes for safer cooking when you've got kids willing to help with anything that results in ice cream cones. The Smart Planet Waffle Cone Maker is $27.95.