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Wacky new accessory turns your Apple AirPods case into a fidget spinner

The ZenPod AirPods case has two sets of integrated bearings that put a new spin on the AirPods.


The ZenPod comes in three color options and costs $30.

Air Vinyl

The fidget-spinner craze may have come and gone, but the new $30 Zenpod from Air Vinyl Design may help bring it back.

Yes, this is the first-ever spinning case for your AirPods and is frankly kind of ingenious. Available in three color options, the ZenPod has precision bearings on each side of the case that give it that spin factor that we've all secretly craved.

Alas, it doesn't add wireless charging capabilities to your AirPods case (where is that new case, Apple?), so it's not totally Zen, but who knows -- maybe we'll see that feature in a future version? 

ZenPod key specs

  • Finished in premium leather
  • Inner lining with impact-Resistant polycarbonate frame
  • High-precision steel bearings
  • Brushed and anodized aluminum spinner
  • Colors: Black with black spinner, black with silver spinner, and brown with silver spinner
  • Price: $30 (available at Amazon)
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