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Vyro Games: A relaxing contest

Personal biosensor connects to a game on a mobile phone that is won by relaxing.

Vyro Games presented a way to de-stress by playing a game. Call it the ultimate in casual gaming.

A biosensor, or a little egg-shaped "personal input pod," connects to a mobile phone via Bluetooth and pits you versus the computer or someone else to see who can relax the quickest. Stick your finger in it and it tracks your heart rate. Vyro is pitching it as a health aid, citing stats including that there are 12.8 million work days taken off due to stress.

There are two games so far: in the first, the more you relax, the faster the dragons on screen fly. In the second, Storm Chaser, the more calm you become the more calm the storm becomes on screen. Cute. Everything's a competition these days, apparently.

See the video for Rafe Needleman's interview with Vyro CEO Paul Kewene-Hite.