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Vybe smart bracelet vibrates when you get a call or message

Forget smartwatches. This simple wristband buzzes when your phone rings so you never miss another call.

The Vybe bracelet comes in your choice of colors.
The Vybe bracelet comes in your choice of colors. WearVybe

I really don't want a smartwatch. What I want is something that notifies me when a call or text message comes in. That way I'll stop missing them because I can't hear my phone ring or feel it vibrate.

The Vybe, as described, is a simple rubberized wristband with an embedded (but removable) gizmo that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

When a text message comes in, it vibrates once. When a call comes in, it vibrates at 1-second intervals until you answer the call or it goes to voice mail. You can also reject a call just by pressing the Vybe. And if you get out of range of your phone (at least 50 feet, according to the WearVybe folks), it vibrates rapidly -- the idea being to remind you that you've left it behind somewhere.

The wristband itself comes in your choice of seven different colors, and you should be able to easily move the little vibrating chip from one to another. There's also an optional extender that lets you wear the Vybe around your ankle, nice if you'd rather keep an actual wristwatch on your wrist or just don't like it from a fashion standpoint.

The Vybe is said to be compatible with all smartphones that incorporate Bluetooth 4.0, including the iPhone 4S and later, any Android phone running OS 4.3, some Windows Phone devices, and the BlackBerry Z10.

You can preorder the Vybe for $39, which includes your choice of wristband color. For $49, you get the Vybe and three wristbands, while $74.50 gets you the Vybe and all seven colors. Individual bands run $8 apiece, and the extenders cost $3.

WearVybe promises delivery by February 28, 2014, with a guaranteed refund of your preorder payment if the date is missed.

I love, love, love the concept of the Vybe, but the expected retail price of $55 is way too high. Even $39 seems a little steep, though I will probably go ahead and order one because this is a product I've been wanting for some time.

Your thoughts?