VW's 'wings' Super Bowl ad (the PriceVine version)

Priceline decides to use Vine to mock the Super Bowl ads. And it's quite amusing.

So how did you feel about VW's "Wings" Super Bowl ad (video below)? You know, the one about its German engineers getting their wings -- real ones -- when a car hits 100,000 miles.

As I watched, attempting to avoid beer, wine and cranial discomfort, I mused: "Oh, look. All VW's German engineers are men."

I was saved from that troubling thought by William Shatner, who tweeted: "@Priceline spared no expense on their version of the @VW commercial!"

I clicked on the link and there was a succinct, graceful and expressive 6-second version, in which clearly no expense had been spared from the piggy bank.

Priceline, known for its keenness to save you money on flights and the like had decided to wing it. It made cheap and very cheerful versions of several Super Bowl ads.

It also offered its version of the halftime show and even game replays.

It certainly offered additional entertainment that the game itself couldn't muster.