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VW, Apple 'iCar' in the works?

Volkswagen and Apple rumored to be partnering on an 'iCar' or car computer system, German magazine reports.

Could two icons of aesthetics be on the verge of announcing a fruitful partnership?

Apple and Volkswagen are reported to be in talks about an "iCar" or car integration system, according to reports from German magazine Capital and the Associated Press.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Audi Chairman Martin Winterkorn, who heads the Audi brand group that includes Volkswagen, met recently in California to discuss ideas, but no concrete plans, a Volkswagen representative told the Associated Press.

"We wouldn't comment on rumors and speculation," said Tom Neumyar, senior manager for iPod and iTunes at Apple.

Volkswagen of America would neither confirm nor deny the reports.

Volkswagen has been concentrating on the development of its navigation and human interface, Frank Weith, technical strategy manager for Volkswagen of America, told CNET in an interview last week.

Its customers can expect to see some interesting things in this space in the near to long-term future, said Weith.

"I look at the vehicle as being static in a sense where you can create an environment where the vehicle can be connected to your home system. You can download your iTunes. We have a navigation companion on our Web site. You can download your trip, where you're going and, eventually, depending on the access, to download a movie. You can create the environment that you would like to have but make it static, download a week of your Internet," he said.

New Beetle in leopard
A Volkswagen/Apple partnership could give new cause for a leopard-themed Beetle. Volkswagen