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Vue pico projector: A Wowee product?

In March, Wowee One, not to be confused with WowWee, is set to release a tiny pico projector for iOS and Android devices, called the Vue.

The Wowee Vue is set to be released in March for $369.99. WoWee One


A couple of years ago we reviewed the Cinemin Swivel pico projector from a company called WowWee. However, that company is not the same as Wowee One, which is releasing its own pico projector in March called the Wowee Vue (notice the slight spelling difference).

For the record, Wowee One until now has been an audio company, known for its portable audio speakers, the Wowee One and the Wowee Slim, which incorporate "unique audio gel technology that turns any surface into a speaker."

The company is actually releasing a portable Bluetooth speaker in March called the Wowee Pro for $139.99, which looks intriguing, but the pico projector was the gadget that initially caught our eye.

We've got some specs and pricing, but there are still a few unknowns, such as what, if any, built-in speakers the Vue offers (sound is more important than you think when it comes to pico projectors).

Here are the Vue's key features:

  • Weight: 4.3 ounces
  • WVGA resolution (848x480 pixels)
  • Brightness: 15 lumens
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 wide screen
  • Focus: No user focus adjustment needed, according to the company. "Image is always in focus, even on curved surfaces."
  • Contrast Ratio: 5,000:1
  • Connects to iPhone, iPad, and iPod products with a single cable (included)
  • Connects to Android smartphones and tablets via HDMI connection (cable not included)
  • Composite adapter to other TV-out devices via a dedicated adapter cable
  • Up to 4 hours of battery life when fully charged
  • Charges via Micro-USB with wall charger
  • Will operate off wall power when plugged into a wall socket
  • User replaceable battery
  • Price: $369.99
  • Release date: March 2012

Note to WowWee and Wowee One: you gotta work this one out one "wee" or another. We're probably hitting a sore spot here, but there just isn't room for two Wowees, however you spell it, on the market.

The Wowee Pro is a portable Bluetooth speaker that's due out in March for $139.99. Wowee One