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Vudu XL2: Another Vudu box for rich guys

The Vudu XL2 packs a terabyte of storage and rack-mountable form factor--for $1,300.

Vudu XL2

Vudu has launched a third version of its downloadable movie set-top box, but this one is strictly for the upscale home installer set. Unlike the squat Mac Mini-like dimensions of earlier Vudu products, the XL2 has the more standard (and rack-mountable) 17-inch width you'd see in a typical DVD player. Otherwise, it seems to offer nearly identical specs to Vudu's earlier high-end offering, the XL: 1TB of storage, IP and IR control options. The XL2 costs $1,300, and is available only through custom installers.

Thankfully, the standard Vudu BX100 remains available for just $300. Toss in a $200 movie credit if you purchase through Best Buy before December 31, and you'll be saving $1,200 over the cost of the XL2.

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Vudu XL2: full details (