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Vudu unveils ability to share cloud-based movies, but there's a catch

​Vudu has announced its users can now "loan" their digital movie and TV collections to as many as five friends with the new Share My Movies service, but it's easier for those who haven't used Vudu before.


Vudu has announced its users can now "loan" their digital movie and TV collections to up to five first-time users with the new Share My Movies service.

The service uses digital locker service UltraViolet to share your collection, and instead of requiring your friends to use your username and password, it lets you send them invites via email. Each user will receive a link to create a Vudu account and connect to your UltraViolet Library.

Unfortunately, if they are already users of the service, they will need to disconnect from their library in order to connect to yours. Only two such changes are available per year, as blogger Dave Zatz found, really only making the service useful for first-timers. As the system also requires your date of birth and address details, we found signing up for a new service under another email account in your name doesn't work.

Share My Movies follows Walmart's service from 2013 which enables you to convert your physical disc collection to Ultraviolet from your PC.

CNET has contacted Vudu for comment and will update this story in due course.