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Vudu adds TV shows

In addition to movies, the Vudu video-on-demand player now offers television content for $1.99 per episode.

The previously movie-only Vudu now offers some TV episodes as well Vudu

When we reviewed the Vudu back in September, we said "only feature films are available, but Vudu says that TV shows are on the roadmap." Vudu made good on that pledge today, adding 12 TV shows to its content roster. Episodes are available for $1.99 each--the same price you'd pay for TV shows on Apple's iTunes Store.

TV content on Vudu is said to be "in beta," but it should be available to all Vudu owners as of today. The initial dozen shows offered are: 24, Arrested Development, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Family Guy, Firefly, Lost in Space, My Name is Earl, NYPD Blue, Prison Break, The Riches, Shark, and The Shield.

While all of the TV shows will be available in standard-definition, Vudu has been experimenting with HD programming as well. Today marks the availability of The Bourne Ultimatum on Vudu--the same day it hits DVD and HD DVD--in standard and high-definition versions. The previous two Bourne movies have been available for free viewing on Vudu in HD since November 23, and the company says that "more HD will be coming."

Update: For the record, The Bourne Ultimatum is available only to buy for now (as a permanent download to the Vudu box). Rental options may follow in the future on Vudu and other digital download providers.