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VTech's LS6245 Bluetooth cordless phone takes cell and landline calls

Stylish, touch-sensitive cordless phone system features Bluetooth wireless capabilities and DECT 6.0 Technology for $79.95.

Vtech calls the LS6245 a virtual two-line phone system. Vtech

Vtech has released Bluetooth cordless phones in the past, but it says its new LS6245 is the "first system of its kind capable of connecting landline and cellular phone calls simultaneously."

Like most new cordless phones these days, the LS6245 is a DECT 6.0 model, but the key feature here is the capability to pair your Bluetooth cell phone with the unit and take calls on either the slim handset or via the built-in speakerphone. VTech is calling it "a virtual two-line phone system," and says you cannot only take a landline call and cell phone call at the same time, but you can actually connect two cell phones to the LS6245 at once (you can pair up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices to it).

The base system costs $79.95 and comes with a digital answering machine and a single handset. You can add up to 12 handsets (model LS6204) to the system and you can make cell calls from any of the handsets throughout your house, so long as your cell phone is paired with the base station. Additional handsets cost $39.95 each.

We have a review unit on the way and will let you know if it works as well as it's supposed to.

Comments? Anybody interested in this type of cell/cordless-phone-hybrid communication device?