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Vroom vroom! Cowon iAudio F1

Vroom vroom! Cowon iAudio F1

Tuesday, we met with Cowon to do an interview for a documentary that will air on KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) and were rewarded for our time with a sample unit of Cowon's latest flash MP3 player, the yet-to-be-released iAudio F1. The device takes its name from Formula 1 but is actually shaped more like a NASCAR racer than the body-light, spoiler-heavy F1 cars. That said, the F1's design embodies its sporty name, taking the form of an ultrasleek matchbox Ferrari. A large OLED screen makes up the windshield, while a nine-way joystick rests on the trunk. There's no spoiler, but you will find a "dual exhaust" in the rear: two minijacks, one for the headphones and one for line-in recording and charging/transferring (a minijack-to-USB cable is included for this last purpose). A hold switch on the driver-side rear-quarter panel rounds out the "vehicle's" controls. True to its race-car-esque design, the F1 comes in four colors: bright red, bright yellow, white, and black. For an interesting take on the player, check out Dapreview's Lego man garage habitat.