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VR zombies aren't virtual enough for terrified gamer in heart-pounding video

So many viewers show concern for panicked woman playing a zombie-fighting game that co-worker has to assure them she's OK.

Consider this video the absolute opposite of the Chewbacca mask video. In that one, technology delighted a woman, sending her into gales of contagious laughter that made the whole world happy. In this one, a woman wearing a virtual-reality headset screams in terror when confronted with lumbering zombies. Those screams had viewers concerned the game may have given her PTSD.

Employees of San Jose, California-based marketing firm Zooka Creative took a little work break to play zombie-fighting game "The Brookhaven Experiment" and it turned way too real for Carrie Glaser. And who can blame her? The virtual-reality game for the HTC Vive sends the undead staggering after you all "Walking Dead" style, with no Daryl Dixon at your side to crossbow the heck out of them.

So many video viewers worried about Glaser's meltdown upon seeing her co-worker Madeleine's video of it Thursday on Twitter that Madeleine had to reassure them. She tweeted, "I promise u don't need to worry abt her subsequent mental state. she does NOT have PTSD I swear."

The original video has since been duplicated and circulated widely, garnering upward of 130,000 views.