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VR game transforms you into monstrous girl from 'The Ring'

Many VR games bring the horror to you, but this demo from Japan lets you become the one others fear.

Just what you wanted to be when you grew up.

DreamWorks Pictures

If you've ever considered crawling into the skin of the horrifying girl from "The Ring" but don't have the chance to get trapped in a well, you may be interested in a new VR demo from Japan.

To celebrate the release of the latest "Ring" film in Japan --the 2002 Hollywood flick was based on Japanese novels and films -- virtual reality creative madman Tatsunoru took the idea of a day in the life of "The Ring" girl (Sadako for Japan, Samara in the US version) and made a VR demo out of it.

As you may remember, the premise of "The Ring" centered on a videotape that led the viewer to die a week after watching it. The actual cause of death is Sadako/Samara, a psychic girl who drowned in a well. She appears in the tape and, seven days later, crawls out of the viewer's TV, inciting cardiac arrest and literally scaring them to death. One of the highest-grossing horror flicks in US box office history, it started a trend of Hollywood remaking Japanese horror films -- often with less success.

In the VR game, you find yourself dropped into the bottom of the infamous well and have to crawl, brick by slimy brick, to the appropriately lit TV screen lodged in the wall of the watery prison. Before you can go through, you must, as folklore demands, call to the unwitting victim with an eerie pronouncement. Once done, you can plunge through the TV screen and into the living room of the poor soul who dared watch your VHS, crawling up to them on your hands and knees to eventually strike them down with terror.

It's not all chills and thrills, though, as there is underlying quirk in the simulator. The girl's face is never quite revealed in the movies, hidden behind a curtain of black hair. And in the simulation, that hair becomes a pest, as you'll have to use your virtual hands to brush it out of the way to see clearly. After all, there are no hair salons in limbo.