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Vote now for Miss Nuclear Reactor 2009

The Russian nuclear power industry has decided to improve its image. It is launching an online beauty pageant called Miss Nuclear Reactor 2009.

What would you do, in this age of green power and greener pastures, to improve the image of the nuclear power industry?

And what would you do if you happened to live in the country where the nuclear power industry brought you, um, Chernobyl?

Well, the Russians, traditionalists to the bitter end, have come up with a brainwave of a quite elevated frequency. Yes, an online beauty pageant.

Who, on this Thursday that seems surrounded only by woes, can resist logging on to this sumptuous contest to find the most beautiful woman working in the Russian nuclear power industry?

No, the white smoke does not mean they have a winner. CC Kr. B

In the interests of nuclear objectivity, I have taken it upon myself to observe some of the contestants with an artist's eye and an espionage operative's concern.

In all, there are 200 contestants. And all have the ambition to effect world peace and work with small children.

However, it is hard, merely by looking at these images, to know exactly what services these women perform to benefit the nuclear cause.

All the same, I am expecting voting to rival that of an average week of "American Idol".