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Vote: Nonviolent robot championship game!

It's Honda's Asimo vs. Star Trek's Data for all the nonviolent robotic marbles. Cast your vote for our tournament winner.

Voting is now closed! See the exciting conclusion of the Nonviolent Robot Tournament right here.

Asimo vs. Data for all the robo-marbles.

The nonviolent robotic cream has risen to the top. Figuratively.

All this week, Honda's Asimo and Star Trek: The Next Generation's Commander Data will be hitting the hardwood and competing for your votes. The robot with the most votes will take its place among the pantheon of greats, immortalized as the champion of all nonviolent robots.

It's been a long, crazy tournament (get the brackets here). For the round-by-round results, visit the links below. Or just click here for the championship scouting reports and to vote on a champion.


Competitor: Honda Asimo
Tourney ranking: Top seed, Prototype Division
Tournament history: Defeated Partner Ballroom Dance Robot 91-9 in first round; defeated OmniZero.4 84-16 in second round; defeated Beer-Launching Fridge 54-46 in Elite Eight; defeated Sony QRIO 64-36 in Final Four.
Fun fact: One day, Asimo will take your job!
Strengths: Is awesome; looks like an astronaut.
Weaknesses: Climbing stairs; descending stairs (see game footage below).


Competitor: Lieutenant Commander Data
Tourney ranking: Sixth seed, TV Division
Tournament history: Defeated KITT 66-34 in first round; defeated Twiki 81-19 in second round; defeated Bender 60-40 in Elite Eight; defeated Johnny Five 53-47 in Final Four.
Fun fact: Data's hobby is uploading photos of his cat Spot to!
Strengths: Thrives on pseudo-emotion; memorizes opponent's playbook; Vulcan nerve-pinch.
Weaknesses: Once beat up some Borg and then made out with the Borg Queen (see game footage below).


Asimo. Data. One shining moment. Vote now.

(1) Asimo vs. (6) Data: Who is the greatest nonviolent robot of them all?



(1) Asimo 64
(2) Sony QRIO 36

(6) Data 53
(5) Johnny Five 47