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Vote for me, Obama says, through text messages

Delegates and other convention goers are asked to show support for Barack Obama by sending text messages, which will be scored based on what state they're from.

Delegates can 'vote' for Barack Obama through text messages that show which state is the most enthusiastic (or prolific). Declan McCullagh/CNET News

DENVER--Delegates squeezing into the stadium hosting the Democratic convention on Thursday are being asked to do what must be a political party first: show their support for their party's nominee through text messages.

During a lull in the convention program before singer (and political activist) Sheryl Crow appeared onstage with a guitar, organizers asked delegates to show their support for Barack Obama by sending the text message "DNC" to 62262. Those digits, of course, happen to spell "Obama."

The more text messages originating from each state--presumably based on the sender's area code--the larger a star on the stadium's screens appear. Last we checked, California was in the lead.