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Voodoo PC Web site goes up in flames

Custom PC maker's Web site literally on fire.

No free shipping offers this week...

From the "perhaps trying a bit too hard" department--visitors to the Voodoo PC Web site were greeted today by an image of the upscale custom-PC builder's page engulfed in flames, with animated fire and smoke billowing upward. Needless to say, you can't currently order a system from the site.

Of course, now that Voodoo is owned by computer giant HP, this may signal a shift in the integration between the Voodoo and HP brands. It may even have something to do with the cryptic cake-cutting message from Rahul Sood, the Voodoo founder who is currently the chief technology officer of HP's Global Gaming Business.

He recently ended up all over the interwebsby posting a blog entry where he cut a birthday cake with a razor-thin MacBook Air, cryptically adding, "Ahh well, I wouldn't be needing this notebook for long anyways... :) Stay tuned for more..."