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Voicemail for the family, on the fridge

'Message Magnet' replaces the Post-It

Discovery Communications

Let it be known that Crave is always looking out for your communication needs. Last week, you may recall, we offered up the "Memo Motion Sensor," which automatically plays a message to anyone who walks into your office at work. But as fond as we are of this idea, it's not the most practical for most households.

So to leave messages for your loved ones at home, we suggest something like the "Message Magnet," a simple but effective way to leave the equivalent of a 10-second voicemail for up to six individual recipients (or all of them at once), according to Uber-Review. You can even use a photo for each button to help your addled memory, in case you forget your family members' names.

Finally, you should never neglect yourself in communication matters as well, lest you forget some crucial things to do, like pick up a package of bologne at the supermarket. For those instances, we recommend the "SmartShopper" voice-activated shopping list.

Or you could skip all of the above and just use a pencil and paper.