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Voice Signal's new products

Voice Signal's new products

Voice Signal, the maker of voice command and speech-to-text dictation applications on phones such as the Samsung SGH-P207 showed us a number of new products yesterday. VoiceMode 2 will enable continuous speech-to-text dictation for supported phones, which is an improvement over the somewhat jerky dictation on the P207 that requires users to pause between words. You can even instruct VoiceMode 2 to write emoticons (just say "happy face") or texting-specific lingo such as LOL. Going in the opposite direction, VSpeak converts text into synthesized speech. Though Voice Signal was unable to demo the application, it promised any that VSpeak will read any text on a phone's display.

We were able to see VSearch, which enables users to conduct wireless Web searches for a variety of content, including ring tones, simply by speaking the directions into their phone. For example, when we searched for Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles, we got a list with the option to call our choice or get directions from any location. Though we searched with Google, the application will work with a variety of search engines.