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Voice control for new PS4 controller?

A perforated section of the controller indicates that there could be a microphone for voice control.


A leaked image of what is believed to be the PlayStation 4 controller is providing more clues to the capabilities of Sony's next-generation game console.

As reported earlier, the controller will now come with a touchpad, which is sandwiched between the directional pad and colored buttons. If the above photo is indeed authentic, the blue light on the front could mean that the PlayStation Move function is available, making the optional Move motion controller redundant.

Even more intriguing is the perforated section in the center. It could either indicate that there is an onboard speaker just like the Nintendo Wiimote or a microphone to support voice control.

Regardless of the outcome, this PS4 version could be a major leap forward in terms of advanced features compared with its predecessors. On a related note, Sony is widely expected to announce the PS4 next week on February 20.

(Source: Crave Asia via Engadget)