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Vodafone wants better phone signal in country pubs to pair Pinterest with your pint

The company's tech plugs into a pub's wireless router to broadcast a stronger phone signal for everyone to enjoy.


We've all been there. You find a lovely pub deep in the heart of the countryside, and there's no signal to post a picture of your food to Instagram!

Vodafone is hoping to tackle this living nightmare with a new scheme that offers phone signal boosting technology in community hubs (pubs, village halls and those adorable little shops) in rural area where 3G and 4G signal is absent.

The technology involved is essentially a signal transmitter, which plugs into the building's existing internet router, and then broadcasts the signal throughout the building. It'll allow both staff and visitors to make and receive calls and use 3G networks.

In theory it sounds like a nice idea but I worry that this will encourage more loud phone conversations to happen in quiet little pubs that are better off as peaceful refuges. The larger problem however is that Vodafone's tech requires the establishment to already have an unlimited internet package with at least 4 megabits per second download speeds and 2Mbps upload speeds -- speeds that are still well out of reach of many rural areas in the UK.

Up to 100 establishments can apply to Vodafone to have the CISS (Community Indoor Sure Signal) technology installed, with applications closing on 1 September this year.