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Vodafone USB modem 7.2: Broadband in the park

If speed and mobility is of the essence and you like to browse the Web on a laptop rather than on a phone, Vodafone's new USB modem could be the right fit for you

The majority of mobile phones let you browse the Internet on the go, but as you'll know if you've tried, it's not exactly the same experience as using a laptop. The big question, though, is how do you connect your laptop to the Internet when you're killing time on the train or chillaxin' in the park?

You can either use your mobile as a modem and connect it directly to your laptop via a USB cable (extra charges may apply), or if you're prepared to pay a little extra for a USB modem, you simply plug it in and away you go.

Vodafone's latest USB modem promises speeds of up to 7.2Mbps, which is faster than a greased pig sliding down a hill. But does it do what it says on the tin? We've been using it for some time and connection speeds have varied according to where we've been -- but we haven't seen speeds of 7.2Mbps yet.

We really like that it's compact and looks particularly good next to a laptop. You could even say it looks a little Apple-esque, with its smooth white curves and glowing red light.

T-Mobile and 3 also offer USB modems, but at the moment Vodafone's claims to be the fastest -- we're keen to compare them in a group test soon. You can pick up the Vodafone USB modem 7.2 for £49 up front and then a £25 monthly contract for 18 months, among other deals. -Andrew Lim