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Vodafone unveils pay as you go USB modem

Looking for a resonably priced USB modem so you can surf the Internet but prefer pay as you to a contract? Have a butcher's at Vodafone's latest offer

Today Vodafone launched a pay as you go USB modem that doesn't need topping up every month. It costs £39 upfront and comes with £15 worth of credit, which amounts to 1GB of data. According to Vodafone, 1GB of data lets you do 30 hours of Web surfing, or send 650 emails, or download 65 music tracks or short video clips.

Unlike certain other pay as you go mobile broadband services, the 1GB will not expire after 30 days. The minimum you can top up the dongle each time is £15, which can be done using a voucher or over the phone.

The dongle can download data at speeds of up to 3.6Mbps -- that's in theory. It will most likely hit around 1.6Mbps, but that's still fast. The modem also doubles up as a 4GB USB key.

Compared to other USB modem offers, it's pretty good value: it's about £10 cheaper than the cheapest modem from 3, for example. But with 3 you can pay as little as £10 per month instead of £15, so it balances out in certain ways.

What we like about this offer is you don't have to consistently top up, so if you do buy £15 worth of credit, you don't have to worry about using it all up before the end of the month, which is ideal if you're a casual user. For more information, visit the Vodafone Web site.