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Vodafone Smart 2 out today, cheap Android for just £70

Vodafone's new own-brand blower, the Smart 2, is out today and costs just £70 on pay as you go.

Vodafone's new own-brand blower, the Smart 2, is out today, costing just £70 on pay as you go.

Those looking for a high-falutin' quad-core smart phone should move swiftly along, as the wallet-friendly Smart 2 caters for people looking for more affordable Android kicks.

Powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the Smart 2 has a snug 3.2-inch display, and is 12.35mm thick, meaning it's rather chunky. This pebble-shaped smart phone comes in grey or white options, and has a modest 150MB of internal memory, so you'll need to use a microSD card to bump up the capacity. The good news is there's one included in the box.

Around the back of the Smart 2 there's a 3.2-megapixel camera, which is unlikely to capture award-winning snaps, but should prove capable when it comes to snapping your buddies' boozy antics.

If anything's likely to betray the Smart 2's budget chops it's the low resolution 320x480-pixel display, which means web browsing will feel a bit cramped. The 800MHz processor probably won't be up to powering brand-new apps, either.

The Smart 2 follows on (as you may have guessed) from last year's Vodafone Smart, which had a less powerful processor, 2.8-inch screen and ran an older version of Android.

Thanks to the merry march of progress, the Smart 2 is shaping up to be much more capable. If you've got a little extra moolah (and don't mind your networks citrus-hued instead of scarlet), you might want to examine the recently renamed Orange San Diego, which will be going on sale on 6 June for £200 on pay as you go.

Stay tuned for our Smart 2 review, in the meantime let me know whether you'll be picking one up in the comments or on our Facebook wall.