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Vodafone scraps roaming charges in 40 countries across Europe

The phone network's customers can now tweet across Europe at no extra cost.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Signing up to Vodafone? Now you can tweet to your heart's content on holiday this summer as the network has scrapped roaming charges across 40 European countries as of today.

Vodafone previously charged £3 per day to use roaming calls, texts and data across Europe. The new roaming plan will provide unlimited calls, texts and picture messaging and "up to" 4GB of data, as part of your existing tariff.

The offer is only available to new and upgrading pay monthly customers, so if you're considering an upgrade before your summer trip to Spain, now is the time to do it. The countries involved include Portugal, France, Germany, Ireland, Sweden and Turkey. You can find out more at Vodafone's website.

The move comes as roaming charges in Europe are on the way out. EU politicians voted in October to kill roaming charges across the EU by June 2017. An interim rule means networks must cap their roaming rates, with most -- such as Tesco -- scrambling to go further.