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Don't pay for what you don't need: Vodafone lets you personalise your prepaid plan

Think of it like the salad bar of prepaid plans -- MyMix lets you choose what inclusions you want (more data, no international calls) so you don't pay for what you won't use.


Vodafone is shaking things up on prepaid, announcing a new customisable prepaid plan with a message to customers: Don't use your good money on inclusions that you don't need.

The MyMix prepaid plan lets users tweak their data, call inclusions and plan expiry period, moving each inclusion up or down in value on a sliding scale within the MyVodafone app. All plans come with unlimited text as standard, but from there it's up to the customer to choose the other features that they want, with the final price determined by what they pick.

Vodafone's chief marketing officer Loo Fun Chee says the new plans are a reaction to the industry standard that forces customers to fit the standard set by telcos.

"Largely, the customer has to take a pre-fixed combination, based on what they think is right for an average customer," Chee said of Vodafone's competitors. "But we know there is no such thing as an average customer."

The result, she says, is customers paying good money for "inclusions that they don't really need."

The MyMix plans let customers choose from between 500MB to 8GB of data, unlimited standard calls or just 120 minutes, as well as between 0 to 300 minutes of international calls. And rather than a standard month expiry, users can choose between 7, 28 or 90 days. When the plan expires, you can choose a new combination for your next recharge.

All Vodafone's other plans will continue to work as normal, and existing prepaid customers will have the choice of staying with their current plan or moving to MyMix. Vodafone also says no customer will be worse off by working off the MyMix system when it comes to cost and inclusions.

While MyMix customers are not eligible for Vodafone's $5 Roaming, the telco isn't ruling it out for the future. Ms Chee also left the door open for prepaid value-adds such as Spotify and Stan subscriptions being added to the MyMix plans to let users toggle different services on or off.