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Vodafone launches new 'Double Data' offer

Sign up for select Vodafone plans before 29 April and the telco will double your data allowance for the full term of your contract.

Vodafone is once again doing its special 'Double Data' offer, this time for anyone who signs up before 29 April.

(Credit: Vodafone)

New Vodafone customers who sign up for a Red 12- or 24-month plan will get double the usual data allowances for the full length of the contract. If you're an existing customer, you can upgrade for the same deal. If it's a SIM Only Red Plan, you'll get the bonus data for the first six consecutive months.

Essentially this means that the Red 65 plan now has 3GB of data, the Red 80 has 5GB and the Red 100 a rather huge 10GB.

Vodafone announced the deal while talking up its 4G growth. According to Vodafone chief technology officer Benoit Hanssen the telco is "adding more than 100 new LTE sites each month, which we expect to ramp up to 300 a month later in the year".

Vodafone also shared data from the Ookla speedtest service suggesting that in Jan and February this year Vodafone had the fastest 4G download speeds in four Australia capital cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

You can get more details on the Double Data plans here.

The Ookla speedtest results for February 2014. (Credit: Supplied by Vodafone)