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Vodafone Freebees offer 1,000 minutes of free Voda-to-Voda voice calls

Got a pay as you go phone on Vodafone, and some friends on the same network? Voda wants to give you 1,000 free voice-call minutes a month in return for topping up your account.

Top up your account with a tenner, and get 1,000 free voice-call minutes? There are strings to Vodafone UK's new Freebees price plan, but it's still a pretty generous offer in our book.

Freebees are only available to the network's pay as you go customers, as part of the new Top Up and Get Talk tariff. Topping up by a minimum of £10 gives you the 1,000 free minutes, although they can only be used to call other Vodafone customers.

The minutes only last for 30 days, after which you'll have to top up again to get 1,000 more. Vodafone warns that you have to opt in to the Top Up and Get Talk tariff before topping up, otherwise you won't get the free minutes.

Want more info on this, presented by a family of computer-generated bees? Funny you asked...